Job Opportunities


To help maintain the high standards that we set and ensure parents are reassured that they have made the right decision in putting their trust in us to care for their children, we aim to recruit only the very best people. Working with children, although extremely rewarding, is also challenging and requires individuals with a lot of patience, dedication and a genuine passion for and love of children. The nursery is not only a learning place for the children we care for, but is also a place of learning for all our staff, where ongoing training is provided and high expectations set. Training to become a childcare professional is a demanding job requiring a number of skills and expertise to be picked up along the way. Care within the nursery setting involves a wide range of tasks and challenges, from liaising with parents, forming close bonds with the all the children in your care and providing all the care, support and assistance they need, to completing daily paperwork, attending training events, dealing with behavioural issues, working with outside agencies such as OFSTED and Early Years as well as becoming somebody parents can turn to for advice and support.

Good communication skills are essential, as are being able to work as part of a team, using your own initiative, supporting and co-operating with your colleagues and constantly looking for ways to make improvements to everything we do in the nursery. You must have adequate language and written communication skills to be able to complete written assessments, child records and create visual displays to a high standard. If you think you have what it takes to become a childcare professional, or you are looking for a position as a qualified nursery nurse please contact us to see whether we have a suitable position for you.

If you would like to start a career in childcare but have no childcare qualifications or previous experience in a nursery setting you might be able to apply for an apprenticeship with Bright Start. Our apprenticeship programme takes on average 18 months to complete and is a work-based programme, so you will be assessed at nursery and will not be required to take time out of your working week to attend college. The benefits of choosing to take up an apprenticeship are:
Real experience of day to day life in a nursery setting
Interaction with a large number of children from a variety of different age groups
Opportunity to work as part of a team
Support from senior members of staff and nursery management who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in childcare
Learning how to build relationships with parents and other carers
Possibility of a permanent contract once apprenticeship has been completed and qualification achieved

For more information please contact us.