Bright Start Nurseries Ltd was established in 1990 with the vision of providing high quality nursery facilities in the local community. Our commitment to quality care has always been our priority and has led us to be chosen by thousands of parents over the years to care for their children.

Our aim is to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment to facilitate and promote the growth and development of each child, giving value and respect to each child as an individual. We allow children in our care the opportunities to explore, create, imagine and interact through play. We promote responsible behaviour, encouraging children to be respectful, independent, polite and co-operative.

Our nursery is an inviting, warm and well-equipped place for little ones, with a nursery team who give 100% dedication to the extremely important job that they do. The nursery rooms are bright and stimulating, with safety and hygiene being of utmost importance. We also benefit from a beautiful, large outdoor play area where children can enjoy taking part in team games and outside activities. Aside from the main outdoor play area, the rooms on the ground floor also have their own self-contained gardens so the smaller children can enjoy having their own little outdoor space which is easily accessible and totally secure.